Accepting Venmo For Rent Payments?

Online rent collection is a better option. Many landlords I speak to still collect paper checks for rent payments. They are beginning to realize this is an antiquated and cumbersome process. And, most tenants will tell you that they absolutely detest paying their rent with a paper check. This is especially applies to those under […]

Are your rental applicants using fake pay stubs?

In a previous post, I discussed the ease of getting a fake credit report and why you should always run your own screening reports for rental applicants.¬†Credit reports are not the only fake documents that are readily available online. Fake pay stubs are also easily available for under $10.00. and are just 2 […]

Technology-relevant lead generation for property managers and landlords

Technology-relevant lead generation is so important to effectively market your properties, especially to millennials. Many owners and property managers I speak with are always looking for a reliable source for rental applicants. A significant number of these applicants will likely be millennials. According to a cnbc article ¬†, over 60% of people in the 25 […]